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Markson are so effin' cute istg γ…‹γ…‹

Aloha folks long time no see! 😁
I've left the whole blog world after promising that I would update again. Sighs I'm sorry guys πŸ™

It's already october of 2015 (pejam celik pejam celik je kan huhu) and my life has been pretty good throughout the whole year hehe. I've top my class and the whole form 2 batch in my Diagnostic Test earlier in April and my Mid Year Test in July. I became pretty famous at school because of these ngehehe. Naaah, stop dreaming, kau tu sekolah harian je.  Tengok la masuk asrama nanti haa, menyesal hidup 😌

So yea imma continue my journey and do my best in my Year End Test later in this month. And yeap now i'm supposed to study but i'm wasting my time updating my blog. Tak sesuai langsung timing haha.

Apa lagi nak update eh hahah.
Oh yea about EXO. Another member left AGAIN 😭😭 When I heard the news i was like, So.  Done. SM really needs to change the way they treat their artists. They're humans not robots ffs πŸ˜’ I'm really anticipating SM Rookies' debut. They seem very talented in many ways. SM finally chose talent than looks. I hope SM won't treat SM Rookies like they treat the older groups. Red Velvet debuted as a very bright and fun concept i really loved all of their songs from Happiness to Dumb Dumb. Including songs from their albums, especially ICC album and Red Album! Like seriously i love every single thing about RV and till now i still cant decide my exact bias like all of them are so perfff. Wendy with her high notes, Seulgi with her dance moves, Irene with her dorkiness and Taeyon-ish looks, Joyy with her sweet voice and last but not least the cuteeest fav maknae, Yeri. I cant choose, really 😭

OK DAH i need to stop lol. Idk what to update lagi dah haha. Ok bye for now!

❝ ε›žεΏ†ζΈ©ζš–δ½ η”±ε†…θ€Œε€–οΌŒδ½†δ»–δ»¬δΉŸζ‹†δΊ†δ½  ❞
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