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Woah woah woah it's already 2015!!

Lol i need to go to form 1's orientation day tommorow bc i started became a prefect in 2015 //yehet// but oh well, still waitin' for 12.00a.m. bc yolo

I have a great great feeling that 2015 is gonna be a better year for everyone, well i hope so ( ⋂‿⋂’) i have gone through so many ups and downs in 2014, and they made me realize how hard being a teenager is. i really hope this year i'll be a better person than i am before.

I'm sorry i would need to be hiatus during school days like last year too but maybe i'll try to search for some time to spend on this blog. And! don't think that i have left kpop or whatever, i still love them. i really do. especially EXO. Eventhough i won't be updated, i will try my best to stay with them, no matter how busy i would be.

Well tbh i'm not that busy, i'm just trying to pay full attention to my studies bc my future is more important. but really, i get distracted with things that wastes my time easily. i remember being too addicted to twitter until my own family dislikes me. (plus, the sad truth that i was just searching for popularity) i really really don't want that to happen again. i don't wanna feel useless anymore. (◞‸◟;)

Oh! i also tried to be more adult-ish (is this even a word), i tried to buy stuffs online and my parents allowed me (since i used my money) ^o^ it was my first time ordering and so many problems happened, i felt sorry for the admin lol. i ordered overdose album korean ver, xoxo kiss ver, 2015 season greetings and last but not leasttttttttt /drum rolls/ exo's die jungs photoboook yaaayyyyy im so excitedd (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

I spend RM425 aka almost half of my pocket money for those /sobs/ but i guess it was worth the price since the photobook is hella thick and huge. i really hope i could buy the mama album, miracles in december album, exo's new comeback album in jan and repackage album in march, and also their exology tlp photobooks and dvds (or maybe cds) //adds them into my 2015 wishlist// but i really need to save so much money since i'm just a middle school student ╥﹏╥

Well, i guess that's it. i'm sorry my new year entry is so simple i just suck at this. btw i really hope EXO will have a good year next year (no one will leave, not anymore, pls ಥ_ಥ ) i hope their comeback would be awesome! i have a feeling that they'll be much more successful next year, even luhan and wufan too! and we all know 2014 was a bad year for Malaysia, i felt really sorry for the QZ8501 victims, it was totally unexpected ;(( let's pray for 2015 to be a better year ^-^  till then, goodbye :)

❝ 回忆温暖你由内而外,但他们也拆了你 ❞
Holla people, welcome to my bloggie. i'm sha. 01-liner. malaysian. exo. ot12 remains in my heart forever, no matter what happens♡ pics, icons and gifs arent mine unless stated.


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