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#MiraclesInDecember3rdWin Congrats EXO~! yeh hey
yo i'm back guys~ Assalamualaikum /bows/ it has been awhile since the last time i updated, i only join giveaways hihi mian ^^' i was searching for a new nice skin, i'm bored with my prev skin lmao. tbh i took me like weeks to search for a nice skin. but then that day, i found a blog with a really cute skin, i love it so it asked the owner for the skin and yeah, i got it hehe. it took me the whole night to edit it /whispers i didnt sleep at all that day/ :p yes yes i know its not healthy for me but idk these days during this holiday i cant sleep early, sometimes i sleep on 5 or 6 AM lol. the skin is nice isnt it ? i made the colour theme pink since the colour of the usual background is also pink and i actually dont know if 'Snowing Miracles' is right grammar or not haha :p idk i just thought of it since i put snow effect and miracles is of course from exo's song title, miracles in december. i put the snow effect 'cause like i've said, i've always wanted to watch snow falling but it doesnt snow at malaysia so i just watch snow falling at my blog lmao :p

so, today EXO won with the song Miracles in December for the 3rd time. yay congrats~ //throws confetti// ^o^ hehe. and today is also the first time OT12 perform together on MID era, no more BaekDChen lol. they performed the song Christmas Day from Miracles in December album. they wore shirts with suspenders and some of them wore black hat omfg. the choreo is so sexy, they pull the suspenders while dancing kyaaaaa >< hehe sorry i didnt update about exo lately, not even when their Miracles in December album release lol. my fav song from the album is of course Miracles in December, the song is very soothing and beautiful, i really love it ;u; followed by My First Snow, the song is cheerish and not-too-loud ( if u know what i mean haha :p ) i put my first snow as my blog song because most blogs now put miracles in december as their blog song, i dont want to be same as others so yeah. and the third would be The Star, i really love chanyeol, jongin and kris' part especially kris' english rap part omfg. i also love baekhyun and kyungsoo's vocal part too wuhu the song is just so damn perfect ;;; but sehun's part is so freakin short its just "naega neomu mianhae" wtf im so mad ugh sm, sehun isnt a useless statue. he could sing too okay. i know he has lisp but please at least give him 8 or 10 lines -.- let's just forget about this before i explode. ok moving on, the forth is My Turn To Cry. the song makes me feel like crying huhu ;__; and the last is Christmas Day, it's very soothing, my mind feels so relaxed everytime i listen to it. i ranked this song last doesnt mean that i hate this song or anything. tbh i love all of the songs equally, it took me minutes to rank all of these songs okayy :p

btw, when their album release, on the exact day, i just bought my growl album. i feel so outdated sobs ;; well tbh i cant buy albums like other kpop fans do ((huhu)) because yeah, im still a 12 y/o kid. if i ever collected money to buy albums, my mom still wont let me buy it because my mom said its such a waste of money sobs ;__; im such a good daughter arent i ? if im not, i would've just bought it secretly lol. but if i really do, i still dont know where to buy it. and even if i know, nobody would drive me there lmao. online ? tbvh i've never bought anything online before, i dont believe them. maybe the seller would lie to me, maybe they wont post the album after i pay for it huh -.- and actually, i dont.. really.. know.. how to buy online haha :p but this time, my mom bought the growl album for me because i got 5As for UPSR hehe. my mom promised me that she would buy anything that i want if i get straight As so i asked for an album. and tbh i was searching for MID album since the album release was that day, but unfortunately i didnt found any 'cause how would it even have at malaysia when it was just been released about 6hours before i went out to search for it lmao im so dumb haha :p when i went to the CD store and i found growl album so i decided to just buy that album. but im still happy tho hihi :3

maybe its just until here, sorry if this update it full of exo. idk what to write, my daily life during this holiday is so boring. all i do is like online online and online 24/7. i cant go anywhere because my parents are busy sobs ;; and sorry if i always use short forms. fyi, tbh is 'to be honest', tbvh is 'to be very honest', btw is 'by the way' and oh yea, fyi is 'for your information' lol. and oh yea, good luck for PMR Candidates especially my brother. theyre going to get their results tommorow { 191213 } i hope you guys would get flying colours hehe ^^

ok bye guys, nighty night ♡♡

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