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It's Okay It's Love is SO GOOD

       Hello there bloggie! currently alone in my house right now. it's SPM right now that's why i cuti ((not year-end holiday)). i've been home alone-ing since 5 days ago ((school days including last week's friday)) and i feel like dYIHNG. well, i know i've been waiting for the year-end holiday or  a long long holiday without needing to study ever since new year (lol) but i dont want this kind of holiday T-T like i cant even go hang out with my friends since my parents are so busy ugh i sound lame.

     Omg, i just realized it has been a year since i posted here lol i almost forgot how to edit html codes cries ;;;; and you know what? something great happened :))) during the mid-year, i wanted to post a new update and change my blogskin. i tried to edit my html codes but i didnt understand a single thing and i accidently deleted the whole thing as well as my affiliates. so i lost you guys' links. then i stupidly changed my link and now i dont have any idea what was my previous link. UGH. i got confused that i didnt want to waste time for it so i gave up and left this blog in a mess. and i regret doing that so fkin much. :-D /sighs heavily/ idk, if any of you guys still remember me, please give me your link at my tagboard, i'll put 'em at my aff.

     Bla bla bla geez so out of topic. well i bet you guys know kyungsoo just started acting right? since i was so damn bored, i watched the drama that he casted, It's Okay It's Love. kyungsoo acted as a high school kid named han kang woo. he's like jaeyul(aka main charac)'s imaginary bff or smth(?) idk you should watch it yourself lol. kyungsoo has an important connection with the hero so he was considered as a main character too i guess? entah la. but well holy shit his acting was like a pro! maybe acting really is one of your talent, kyungsoo-ah.

he's so good im proud of you kiddy ToT

     To be very honest, i watched the drama because of kyungsoo at first but then i fell in love with it because of the story line. i admit that i dont really watch kdramas that much to label this one as the best, but the story was perfectly organised. the writer revealed the solution of Jang-Jae Yul's problems step by step until the finale. they didn't left the viewers hanging like other dramas usually do and i am pleased with that. the love story was so rare and weird lol. besides, gong hyo jin was one of my fav actress ever since master's sun so yeah. gosh i respect her for being able to act so good despite the fact that she just got into an accident weeks before they started filming this drama like omg gurl u deserve an award ;;

     I admit this drama has many adult stuffs ((idk what's the appropriate word)) and like 1/7 of the drama was kissing scenes. but oh well, when i started to watch it i couldn't stop lol. oh and chen sang 'Best Luck' as an ost. it fits perfectly with the drama tbh i love the song so muchh♡ bad news, i started to loooovee kyungsoo so much ehehehehe. i heard kyungsoo's acting in the movie cart, imma watch that later. you guys should do so too, please support uri petite kyungsoo :)

Okay bye guys, see ya later~

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