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Congrats babiessssss TT-TT
i know this was like 2 days ago but-

i'm so so sos o proud of them, i didnt regret staying T--T
lol even if they didnt won i would still stay by their side, bcs i fuckin' promised to stay no matter how much hate they get, how low rated they would become, how many members that will leave, how many fans that will leave, i will still be with them. because we are one, exo-k, exo-l, exo-m will be together until the end ;;  (im loyal i tell ya /winks/)
Best Style Asia
Best Male Group
Artist Of The Year In Asia
Album Of The Year
i cant express my feelings in words, like seriously, it has been 2 days and i still cant freaking get over it?? im just soooo happyy as heck ;;;;;;;

and omg their speech was holy wOW ESPECIALLY YIXING

yes, yixing. we, exo-ls hope so too. i have a great feeling that exo's going to have an awesome comeback next year. kjlkdfkgjfjkgfjg cant waiiitttttt ;;

and ya know what? after they won the album of the year award, the shy and cute maknae that usually stays at the back and rarely talks, surprisingly offered himself to start the speech first, and everyone was like "omg wow" and chanyeol at the back patting sehun's back like "yAS U GO GURL" and theres mama joonmyeon feeling proud

i was so shocked that i half-squealed, im so happy bcs ever since their debut, this is the first time sehun stood out like this. probably bcs he really wanted to show his sincere appreciation to exo-ls that supported them, oh gosh iM SO PROUD AND HAPPY o(╥﹏╥)o

i really wish i could put more gifs of the other members' speechs here too but it would take too much space huhu. suho freaking shouted "EXO SARANGHAJA" so loud i was shocked on that part too omfg, they went through so many hardships this year, with kris and luhan's problems and then people said their performances are dissapointing and stuff bc no more ot12, all those hates that they had to overcome. they stayed strong, they never gave up. they worked hard continuously. they freaking deserve these awards no doubt. ugh im just so happy but sad bc krishan, i just feel like crying while laughing and shouting so hard idek ;-;

their performance was holy moly awesome i just- ;;;;
they performed black pearl and tell me what is love; kyungsoo's remake to their old song, what is love, i swear to god thats the best and soothing song exo ever made T⌓T and then kai's deep breath and ended with overdose, they changed the overdose choreography bcs it looks a bit weird without 2 members, the new choreo is damn awesome too tho ;;

oh and look what's new at the mama page ;))
totally worth spending like an hour everyday to vote for exo by using 10 accs of mine lol, i freaking made them bcs of this vote okayyy. sometimes i got headache for voting, scrolling up and down, signing in and out so many times. too bad this event didnt have an award.

sorry i dont wanna talk about haters here, theyre just fucking annoying and immatured ppl who cant accept the real truth that exo is just awesome.

i'll update soon. byeeeeee /flying kisses/

❝ 回忆温暖你由内而外,但他们也拆了你 ❞
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