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     Well hello there peeps! finally i'm out of this home-looking-prison. i have school tommorow ((first time in this whole fkin year im actually excited going to sch lmao)) and it's almost 3 a.m. but i aint sleepin cause fab //flips hurr//. the day afterwards is my last day in school~ wow time flies so fast it's almost 2015 woot. yet i still cant accept the fact that im almost 14 years old im so shORT T-T

     Oh yea, last week i had a really really really weird dream with exo, o2l and some korean actors in it lol. okay, long story short, i had sehun, kian, jc, sam and one of my friend in real life as my best buddies ((me and my irl friend was like 'tomboy's i guess)). we are schoolmates and we stay in our school's underground dorm (but it's outside our school) that looked like a military dorm for soldiers lol. we had a trip held by our school that day. i did woke up early but when i went to school alone, i just realized that i am not wearing any pants (ew + weird as f) so i had to go back to our dorm. my buddies woke up late and asked me to wait for them and bla bla bla then our trip bus left us.

     Then we decided to ride jc's mom so we went to jc's house with our skateboards and it was the best part evER. weird thing is that his house area looks excatLY like mine lol. so we ended up riding jc's mom's car. suddenly there's kang min woo and lee seung gi in the car, lol whuuut. and there was a traffic jam. while waiting, out of the blue, some vampires and ghosts crawled up infront of the car's windshield. suprisingly, jc's mom shouted that we should run and search a nearby dustbin where there's a justin bieber magazine in it bcs it's safer there(?) iDK LOL ITS TOO WEIRD. and yeah we did. then we suddenly became spies and we killed those vampires by bombing them. the end.

And i woke up like


     Lmfao idk my mind is too horribly weird i guess. i dont know what the hell happened to the trip either lolol. when i woke up i really freaked out because i rarely dream of people that i adore so much. sum up with those weird stuffs, this is like the best dream everrrrr lol.

Okay it's getting too late, i got to sleep. i'm really sorry if this post is too long and confusing. peace out ^-^

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