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Assalamualaikum & Annyeonghaseyo ^^

Hey, guys. it has been awhile aye.
sorry, im a bit lazy to update my blog nowadays dON'T ASK WHY haha.

So yeah, December came, time to say goodbye to November. wow time flew so fast, soon i'll be 13 years old omg im not ready yet ;; nanti sha akan masuk asrama, agak-II susah tak eh ? kena basuh baju sendiri, gosok baju pun sendiri. heol, mesti susah kan sbb sha ni anak dara pemalas wakaka :p tapikan, haritu sha datang sekolah yg sha akan masuk tu, diorang kate sha terlepas hari interview so sha tak akan di-interview but peluang untuk dapat sgt tipis wuhuhu T-T Resultnye akan dapat tau esok iaitu 2 Dec. Ya Allah, harap-II la sha dapat. second intake pun takpe la, janji dapat u,u

Moving on, i bet you guys already knew this but still..
EXO is going to make a 2nd Mini Album named "Miracle Of December" wohoo ~!

they look dumb yet cute HAHA idk but people say its a christmas tree lmao. i bet sm made this time's comeback theme a christmas theme since its christmas. but unfortunately malaysians doesnt celebrate christmas huhuhu T-T tbh i always wish that i could celebrate christmas too 'cause snows and presents omg those who could celebrate it must be very lucky ;; but oh well, idk much because malaysia is much safer and warmer since theres no winter season ^w^ ok-II back to the main topic..

Rumoured EXO 2nd Mini Album "Miracle of December" Tracklist

1. Miracle In December
2.Christmas Day
3.The Star
4.My Turn to Cry
5.The First Snow
6.Miracles in December(Orchestra Ver.)

some people say that there will be english vers too i dont even know if its true or not, i hope it is ^w^

SM released "My Turn To Cry" Korean ver and Chinese ver preview on their official website { click here } Its beautiful, i cant wait to hear the full one :3 they said EXO will make their first comeback stage at M!Countdown this 5th and the album will be released on 9th ^^

On the same time, Crayon Pop also did a Christmas themed comeback hahaha. it has been released already but theres no mv idek. the song is quite cute tbh lol. i bet there will be EXO vs Crayon Pop on Music Shows again just like during Growl and BarBarBar era lmao. cant wait for it wakaka xP

btw about my fanfic that i've told you guys on my prev post, i kinda changed my mind lol. im planning to just write it on aff because idk how to make a fanfic blog so yeah ;; and maybe i'll just write in English ((or maybe not)) lol im not sure yet. but the title will be, Stupid Love. i've made the poster too..

{ p/s : click the pic to view my acc and do add me ok ;) }

freakin simple and ugly i know right sobs ;;;; well, i just learned how to use photoshop so pls dont judge meh. i used Kim Shinyeong as the Original Character. idk, i just love her so frikin much <3 so yeah, just by looking at the poster, the story is obviously about a love triangle between Sehun, OC and Luhan. The OC's name will be Kim Jung Eun ((a.k.a my korean name wkwkwk xp)) tbh i did it purposely so that i would feel like the OC is me heheehehe :p ok guys, do wait for it ok ? :)

till then, goodbye ^^ xoxo ♡

❝ 回忆温暖你由内而外,但他们也拆了你 ❞
Holla people, welcome to my bloggie. i'm sha. 01-liner. malaysian. exo. ot12 remains in my heart forever, no matter what happens♡ pics, icons and gifs arent mine unless stated.


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