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Assalamualaikum & Annyeonghaseyo. Hey, i'm back.

As you guys knew, holiday came again. but i am not happy, i don't even know why. yeah, i know i should be happy cause freedom from homeworks, books, reading, early wakeups, haitus-ing and stuff just to score flying colours for exam. well, i do feel happy bc at last i could rest from just study, study and study ( although i dont really study much haha ).

but i am sad, i am sad because next year i won't be going to my usual school anymore. i'm turning 13 next year so i will go to smk and leave my school. i'm gonna miss that school, i'm gonna miss my friends and my teachers. our moments and laughs. i will miss them. ;'/ and i'm scared to go to my new school next year. i'm not that peramah when i go to new places. i'm only brave when i'm used to be there. i'll be scared to go to ppl and talk to them. i'll just wait until other ppl come to me and talk to me. yeah i know, i'm such a coward. orz

let's stop talking about that, i really hate that fact about me. maybe i should learn how to be more genial. it's not that i am not friendly or anything. i am very friendly tbh. but if i'm not used to be there, i'm a bit shy. when you guys know the real me, i am very evil and naughty. i like to troll and i tease ppl in a harsh way. if you know what i mean hahaha. but well, i'm not that evil, i'm actually pretty kind. its just that i really like to tease ppl and make ppl mad hahahha.

wait i didn't made this post to talk about myself hahah. i'm actually bored right now. everyday i'm doing the same thing. online in front of my freakin laptop and do nothing like a useless trash. i can't go anywhere. my parents are still busy with their work ; although it's holiday already, i don't even know why. i can't go out with my friends either it's becuase my parents won't allow me or my friends' parents won't allow them. -,- i don't tweet much nowadays bc there's no exo updates. well yeah, i tweet all about exo. that's why hahah. i do on facebook but i only chat or webcam with my friends.

i'm planning to write a fanfic since i'm so freakin bored. i reaally wanted to write a hunhan fic but i'm not that good in bromance stories so i'll try to make an Bias - OC  fic first. i'll make a Sehun - OC fic. probably the OC will be my korean name ( which is also me ) hahaha. Kim Jung Eun & Oh Se Hun <33 then i'll make a love triangle between me ( jungeun ), sehun and luhan omg :3 the family tree will be my virtual korean family that i made which include my friends too. but maybe i'll write in bahasa since i'm not very good in writing english stories. and i think i'll make another blog to write the fanfic. i don't want to write it on aff bc idk, i don't wanna write there haha. don't worry, i won't write pervert parts. i'm still an innocent girl okay :p i'll put the link at my navi after i'm done writing that fanfic. i'll start writing it soon. do wait for it ok ? kekeke ;)

btw, finallyyyyy~ alhamdulillah, i won a GA. but i only got a kpop keychain hahah. but well, at least i won :p this is my first time winning a GA so i really don't know how to claim the prize ha ha .___.

Ok, i wanna eat lunch. goodbye ^^

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