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Sehun, i can see who are you staring ≖ ‿ ≖
Assalamualaikum & Annyeonghaseyo 

Okay idk what title should i put so yeah lol.. you guys know abt MTV EMA, dont you ? yes, the music award that EXO was nominated.. but only one category, the Worldwide Act category since its the whole world's artists and of course most of the nominees are the world's most famous singers like Justin, Miley and others.. and you guys know abt the Social Buzz that we need to tweet with the hashtag #EMAzing.. this social buzz thingy is like how many people are talking abt it on every second.. EXO was always leading 24/7 lol yeah of course bc exostan are powerful hahaha.. and most of them doesnt sleep just bc they want to vote for exo im srsly amazed.. and its funny that the asian exostans ( including me ) will vote on the morning until evening but when night comes western exostans will exchange with us and vote bc on their place its morning.. some other fandoms helps us to vote too omg im so touched :') btw when the other fans like beliebers, directioners and smileys saw that exo was leading, they were like..

' who the heck is this chinese group ' 
' wait isnt it a japanese group ? ' 
' ching chong group '
' exo ? it kinda sounds like a deodorant brand bc rEXOna ' 
' no it sounds more like a dishwashing liquid '
and some of them heard sehun's name and they were like
' what's a sehun ? is that some kind of a vegetable ? '

chinese group but then japanese group, ching chong, deodorant brand, rEXOna, dishwashing liquid

oh god /wipes tears bc laughed too hard/ does my baby's name really sounds like a vegetable ? xD

idk when they mock exo like that, i just laugh bc freakin funny lmao

by the way some of them ( beliebers and directioners ) became an exostan too.. yeah quite shocking but its true.. but they didnt stop being a belieber or directioner, its just they like exo.. they said exo was actually very famous and hot.. im happy that EMA made that social buzz.. just bc of that, now the others knew that exo deserves to be well known too and not just english artistes..

but lastly, exo didnt won cries i seriously cant believe it T-T no, justin didnt won and no, one direction didnt won too..  wanna know who won ? /drum roll/ CHRIS LEE ! haha ha ha.. yes ikr, nobody knows who is she and yeah she's a girl ._. i think she's chinese well yeah of course her name sounds like chinese.. i googled her name, she's pretty tbh.. about the social buzz, they did won bc on that time the vote was 31,491 but idk they got any award or not ._.

and about EXO on Running Man~
i just watched it just now, theyre funny and cute :3 the part when suho ripped jongkook's tag he was so happy that he look like he wanted to cry lol.. im glad that jongkook was out first hahaha.. everytime they caught a member of running man, they greet them and even introduce themselves altho the running man members already knew them lol so polite, maybe bc its their first time.. but srsly i even laughed 'cause the running man members were like 'yes yes i know your name' and doesnt want to hear what are they saying bc theyre disapointed that their tag has been ripped lol.. and the part when kris hitted the glass door bc he's shocked when sukjin shouted 'EXO, where are you~' lmao and when kris fell i laughed so hard srsly.. theyre so hilarious xD

maybe i'll just stop here bc i need to help my friend to edit her new blog.. btw guys, i'll get my UPSR results this thursday.. i really hope that i'll get 5As, do pray for me okay :')

sorry if i always post abt exo recently, idk what to write abt my life bc my life sucks orz
oh yea i changed my skin um no tbh just the colour lol its super simple and i even changed my link too

ok night guys, jalja ^u^

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