Tuesday, 5 November 2013 at 19:43 with

    The tallest
    The father of EXO
    The basketball freak
    The hot fab gege
    The main vocal
    The main rapper
    The main dancer
    The dragon
    The one who could fly
    The one who draws like an artist
    The one who could play saxophone & african drum
    The one who could speak 4 language
    The gege that Tao loves 

   Happy Birthday Duizhang ♥

❝ 回忆温暖你由内而外,但他们也拆了你 ❞
Holla people, welcome to my bloggie. i'm sha. 01-liner. malaysian. exo. ot12 remains in my heart forever, no matter what happens♡ pics, icons and gifs arent mine unless stated.


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